According to Cisco Systems, 90% of all web traffic will soon be video. That's why everyone - especially writers - needs to know how to make video. Or risk becoming out of touch, out of date, and irrelevant.

But fear not! Your Fairy Vid-Mother is about to come to your rescue...

You get all this stuff and more! Keep reading and you'll see...




I was a complete vidiot. But I knew I needed video to stay connected to my readers and get the word out on my books and my work! So what did I do?

I spent way too many hours in what I called The Black Hole Time Suck, aka, learning how to make videos on my own. I spent years and learned well enough to win the 2012 School Library Journal Trailee award, and become a finalist in the Moby Trailer Award competition. Here is my award-winning video that really helped promote my book:

And then I learned that book trailers aren’t even the first thing I should’ve been making! I needed to get going on a ton of other kinds of videos! Once I did, I saw my ranking shoot up (see the image below), and my business completely changed.

If you take Video Idiot Boot Camp, you can avoid The Black Hole Time Suck because I will take you by the hand and teach you what you need to know to create videos, even if you don’t know one single thing when you start!


With every lesson, you  get…

  1. … your lesson’s Action Packet.
  2. … your lesson’s Lab.
  3. … some action! That is, you’ll be taking your action, directed by your Action Packet, following the Lab!
  4. … links to the other great supplemental welcome videos in the lesson.
  5. … access to the super cool geniuses in the Video Idiot Boot Camp Facebook group page, where you’d have access to your Fairy Vid-Mother, Katie Davis.

As a VIBC (Video Idiot Boot Camp) student, you will leave the class knowing how to plan, create, edit, and distribute all kinds of videos that will get your books into the hands of more readers like

  • a welcome video
  • tips videos
  • writing process
  • news
  • reading to kids
  • about the author videos
  • advice to writers
  • respond to readers
  • Q & As
  • industry tidbits (aka gossip!)
  • faux documentaries
  • character interviews
  • repurposed blog posts

and you’ll be able to do them in varying formats from animated explainers to screencast demos, to slideshow book trailers to live interviews, tutorials, music videos and more.

And guess what? It’s waaaay easier than you think!
In fact, it’s a whole lot of fun!

Here’s what some in the course have to say:







Here is what some of my students created using what they learned from the course:


Are you ready to become a video genius and take your writing career to a whole new level?

Try  Video Idiot Boot Camp now, risk free!


I’m so convinced that I can teach anyone to create video, I guarantee your money back! If you do as I teach, and you still don’t learn how to create videos, I’ll refund your money! And you can even keep the course!

Make one payment of $297

Sign up now and with your Video Idiot Boot Camp purchase, get a digital goodie bag worth bazillions of dollars!

Okay, maybe not bazillions, but literally hundreds of dollars 
(actual worth: OVER $1,063.00!)

It’s worth way more than you’ll pay for the entire class, including all these things you’ll be able to use once you know how to create video:












*Add all these bonuses up and you’d have to pay over $1,063!

I’m so convinced that I can teach anyone to create video, I guarantee your money back! If you do as I teach, and you still don’t learn how to create videos, I’ll refund your money and you can even keep the course!

You pay only $297! Here
How will you go through the course?

1. The minute you buy the course you’ll get two emails from me. One will be a welcome; the other will have a link to Lesson 1 and course materials.  After that, you’ll get a new lesson email every three days. It’s just enough so you don’t get overwhelmed with too much at one time. (You can also choose to file the emails away and do the course whenever you please – though I hope you’ll do it right away! You’ll have access forever! I just send them at this pace to keep you focused, energized, but not too overwhelmed!)

2. After you follow the link to the lesson video and watch it, you’ll follow the lab, where a self-proclaimed “vidiot” completes what I just taught. Unlike in school, you get to watch how someone else does it to make sure you do it right when it’s your turn!

3. You complete the lesson by following that session’s Action Packet.

By the end of the course you’ll have a welcome video for your site and will have learned about how to take advantage of all the choices you have to create tons of different kinds of video! (If you already have a welcome video, you’ll make a welcome video for another page.)

During the eight easy, hand-holding lessons, you’ll learn, (among many other things):

  • Why you need video on your site. Need. Yep, need.
  • How different kinds of videos are great for different reasons.
  • Where to find free and low cost content.
  • The many ways to create video without ever going in front of the camera!
  • Tons of ways to create your own content.
  • The basics of using easy editing tools.
  • The top Dos and Don’ts of what to include in your videos.
  • How to take advantage of all of YouTube’s social media capabilities.

PC? Fine! Mac? Great! You can do this.