Easiest Video Maker EVER!

Sometimes there is a case for editing, and taking time to write scripts and really dig deep. And then there are the time you just want to slam a video out to make a point, have some fun, and maybe scare up some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while you’re at it.

I just bought this new program and right now it’s on sale during the launch and I used it to make the video below in about 10 minutes. Literally! It’s soooo easy, you guys! I really feel like I just found THE COOLEST new way to make videos! I, as usual, did not read directions (Do I ever read a manual? NO!) but was able to just whip it out. It was SO easy.




I made a little ad for Video Idiot Boot Camp using this new program. It’s called VideoMakerFX. Scroll down past all the sell stuff and look at the samples of what you can do. (Then buy it! Because It’s AWESOME!)

If you’re interested it’s usually $97 but since it’s new they’re selling it this week for $47! You can see how it works by clicking here (that is a referral link, btw – but I bought it myself and LOVE this thing!))


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